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Issue 9 2019 / Sep 27, 2019
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This newsletter focuses on the issue of industrial security. What should you do to make sure your plants are protected from hacker attacks? What is a successful security measure? We present some practical solution approaches. We have also compiled a security policy for you. This will actively support staff and colleagues when it comes to complying with security measures in the workplace, so guaranteeing the security of confidential data in your business. Our new whitepaper on this issue provides more tips for greater security.
Industrial Security with the IEC 62443 series of standards

Plant operators or device manufacturers who want to protect their employees from machine hazards and their machines from manipulation by unauthorised persons and hacker attacks should get to grips with the IEC 62443 series of standards.
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The new PSENopt II post protectors

With the new post protectors PSENopt II protective column you can provide your light curtain with optimum protection against damage, from collisions for example.
From Version 1.8. of PASvisu, data from several sources can be visualised in a PASvisu project.

From Version 1.8. of PASvisu, data from several sources can be visualised in a PASvisu project. You can display data from different controllers or automation systems, such as PNOZmulti 2 and PSS 4000 projects, together in one visualisation project. Including diagnostic option.
Pilz PSIRT contact for security problems

As a specialist for safety, we invest not only in functional safety but also in IT security for plant and machinery. We can also provide support for security problems. Find out more!


Where are harmonised standards published?

New procedure established for publishing harmonised standards in the Official Journal of the European Union. On 18.3.2019, the EU Commission published the Implementing Decision (EU) 2019/436 in the EU Official Journal, outlining the changes to the list of harmonised standards for machines with regard to the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
Pilz is a partner in the Rossini project

Pilz is a partner in Rossini, a project intended to optimise and disseminate HRC applications. A total of 13 companies from 7 countries are supporting the plan to reconcile theory and practice in the cooperation between human and machine. Pilz primarily looks after the fields of robotic manipulators and sensor development.
7 rules for greater security in the workplace

The more a company is involved in security as a topic, the higher the overall protection. We will name 7 rules you should respect in the workplace.
Security in the industrial environment

Want to deal with Industrial Security, but don’t know exactly how? We provide the most important information on industrial security.


New facilities for Pilz Automation Safety Canada!

Pilz Canada is growing - 33% YOY so far, 10 people on board and a brand new office! We celebrated the Grand Opening of our new location on June 12. Discover more information regarding this event in this article.
The new customer magazine “Mensch und Automation” is online

What opportunities does connectivity create for the factory of the future and how can common standards lead to more efficient production processes? Read more about this in the current issue of the Pilz customer magazine!