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What qualifications are associated with gaining the title "Certified Machinery Safety Expert"?

The training to become a CMSE Certified Machinery Safety Expert always involves complex technical questions surrounding machinery safety. The training provides the necessary technical knowledge - from legislation, standards and safeguarding techniques to a detailed review of functional safety areas. You will gain a wide range of knowledge, from hazard analysis to the production of safety concepts through to the correct procedure for placing plant and machinery on the market.

In detail, the following thematic blocks are taught:
Module 1: Introduction to safety: Health and safety protection, introduction to the relevant safety regulations, responsibilities of employers and design engineers.
Module 2: Machinery safety and occupational safety: Legislation relating to machinery, Use of Work Equipment Directive, CE marking
Module 3: Risk assessment: Risk evaluation in accordance with ISO 12100, methodologies for risk evaluation
Module 4: Mechanical safeguards: Electrical safety and its components, analysis of safety components, requirements and application
Module 5: Functional safety of control systems: Specification of functional safety ISO 13849-1, verification and validation in accordance with EN ISO 13849-2, measures and implementation of EN ISO 13849-1; IEC 62061; EN ISO 4413 (hydraulics) and EN ISO 4414 (pneumatics)

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