Process & Automation Show - Saskatoon

Date: Sep. 27, 2019 - Sep. 27, 2019

The Process & Automation Show will take place on September 26 in Saskatoon, SK.

Why should you joining us?

To discover how we could help you with all your safety issues in order to keep your employees safe.

We will use our passion and our knowledge to offer you the best solution which fits to your need!

As Ambassador of Safety for human, machines and the environment, Pilz offers safe and complete automation solutions worldwide back over 70 years. We develop and sells products, systems and services for safe automation including sensors, safety relays, control systems and drives. In addition, our portfolio also includes consulting and technical implementation in the field of machinery safety in order to provide you support throughout the machine lifecycle.

Pilz Canada at the Process & Automation Show in Saskatoon

Trade show Information

  • No booth number: you will find us in the main room
  • Date: September 26
  • Schedule: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Location: Travelodge Hotel - 106 Circle Drive West - Saskatoon, SK
  • Free admission --> Pre-registration on

Don't miss the free breakfast!

What better than starting the day with a coffee and a breakfast? The show offers free breakfast from 9:30 AM to 10:15 AM.

The only thing you have to do is to register online on

New products

Safety laser scanner PSENscan

Safety laser scanner PSENscan

The safety laser scanner PSENscan offers two-dimensional area monitoring with an opening angle of 275 degrees and a protected field range of up to 5.5 metres. This product is especially suitable for stationary and mobile area guarding and access monitoring.

Discover more information about the PSENscan

Modular operating mode selection system PITmode fusion

PITmode fusion (available in 2020)

With the new PITmode fusion and PITreader, we are offering a modular system for safe operating mode selection and regulation of access for your plant and machinery - all in one unit.

Discover more information about the PITmode fusion

Discover our full range of products

Pushbutton unit PITgatebox

The robust control unit PITgatebox with various combinations of pushbuttons, key switches and E-STOP pushbuttons gives you maximum flexibility for your individual application.

Small controllers PNOZmulti 2

Use the configurable control systems PNOZmulti 2 to implement multiple safety functions. The system can grow according to the requirements and size of your machine!

Certified Machinery Safery Expert qualification

Become a Certified Machinery Safery Expert with the leading international qualification for machinery safety! Don't miss the 4 last trainings courses in 2019!

Safety gate system PSENsgate

The safety gate system PSENsgate combines safety gate monitoring, safe guard locking and control elements in just one system!


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