Apr. 4, 2022

Corona-virus: safety of staff, business partners and supply chain continues to be the top priority

The ongoing worldwide spread of Corona-virus (SARS CoV 2) continues to impact our economy, our work environment and our communal life. At this time, our top priority is the safety of our staff and business partners as well as the supply chain. From the start, Pilz has taken additional protective measures, which are constantly adapted to the local incidence of infection. For direct contacts or on-site visits, we respect the applicable country-specific hygiene regulations. Thanks to enhanced digital capabilities, such as telephone services, video conferences and our digital showroom, we can provide comprehensive and personal customer care.

Participation in exhibitions and events

The current situation also affects various exhibitions and events worldwide. At Pilz, we are constantly reviewing the events that Pilz will participate in, based on the current guidelines that apply. Here too, we use digital channels to provide information about product innovations and automation solutions. We have set up our digital showroom, for example. Access to the virtual world of safe automation is available anytime, anywhere:

To the digital showroom

Pilz supply chain is stable

Corona-virus has essentially no impact on our delivery capability: to allow us to continue supplying every customer in the best way possible, we are able to move our production between Asia and Europe, depending on the incidence of the virus. However, due to the worldwide procurement crisis, there may still be some temporary bottlenecks. If this is the case, we will inform you about alternative products in good time.

We would ask for your understanding and support as measures are implemented. Together we can help to protect everyone. Stay healthy!

Dealing with Corona-virus

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