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Mar 30, 2016

New Pre-Start Health and Safety Review service available

Pilz now offers the Pre-Start Health and Safety Review, which compliments our entire line of services.

As a solutions supplier, Pilz Automation Safety, Canada now offers customers the Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PHSR) service. This additional service compliments the whole host of services offered by Pilz that are designed to help customers implement the relevant standards and directives and develop an optimum safety strategy for entire plants. The range of services encompasses the whole machine lifecycle and is complemented by a training portfolio.

In accordance with section 7 of the Ontario regulation 851 for industrial establishments, prior to any worker being permitted to operate any machinery, equipment, or a process in a hazardous environment, you, as the employer are responsible for ensuring that a thorough report is prepared that indicates that the equipment is safe. This PHSR report is required to review all of the relevant regulations pertaining to that particular type of equipment.
Our Professional Engineers take the responsibility to perform and document the physical examination of your machinery, equipment, or process in a hazardous environment. This review is carried out under the guidelines of applicable national and/or international standards.
Safety improvement can be prioritized and implemented based on known risk, thereby ensuring compliance to standards and regulations throughout the working life of the machinery or equipment.

The Pilz provided PHSR document includes:
•    Identification of applicable standards, regulations and industry best practices
•    Statement of machine limits
•    Examination of all hazards
•    Risk Estimation
•    Recommended approach for bringing the machinery, equipment, or process into compliance
•    Details any additional testing necessary prior to operation
•    Our Pilz Professional Engineer's seal affixed to the report

Your benefit     
Early identification of hazards and integration of appropriate safety measures will extend the working life of your machinery and save you time and money. Pilz will support you by drawing from our experience of assessing machinery in accordance with all applicable legislation and standards.

Our Professional Engineers are here to help you stay compliant and keep employees safe.

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