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Safe sensor technology PSEN

Sensor technology from Pilz – Comprehensive and individual

Safe sensor technology PSEN

Pilz offers a wide range of safety sensors that conform to international standards and have been tested by certification bodies. Our sensor technology portfolio includes safety switches for monitoring positions, as well as guards. Optical sensors are ideally suited for surface and zone monitoring. Choose from our wide range of light curtains, camera systems or tactile sensors, such as pressure-sensitive safety mats.

Use our safe sensors in conjunction with our safe control technology! You will obtain an economical and safe complete solution from Pilz. As well as being able to guarantee high efficiency for plants in the industrial environment, it is also especially important for us as a sensor manufacturer to protect humans, machinery and the environment.

Sensors for every requirement – Benefits to you

  • Safe sensors for a wide variety of applications
  • Can be used for the most diverse technologies – e.g. mechanical, magnetic, RFID, optical or camera-based
  • High compatibility with other products
  • Time and cost saving during project design and commissioning
  • Safety and quality guaranteed through certification to EN ISO 13849-1 and EN/IEC 62061
  • Protection for your investment thanks to compatibility with products and interfaces from other manufacturers
Sensors for every requirement

Safe sensors PSEN – In use in many different industries

Our product range: Safe sensors


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