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Light curtain

Light curtain is a term used to describe all light beam devices that have multiple single beams and so can be used in applications up to Category PL e. Like light grids or light beam devices, light curtains with semiconductor outputs are suitable for all Type 2 and 4 applications in accordance with EN/IEC 61496-1/-2 and for Type 3 applications in accordance with EN/IEC 61496-1. 

Application areas for light curtains

A light curtain is used in industries and applications that require high productivity with simultaneous intervention by the operator. Some examples include presses, packaging machines, machining centres, robot systems, assembly lines, as well as transport and conveyor systems on which a light curtain is used.

Pilz light curtains

Light curtains PSENopt Advanced also provide the opportunity to implement muting, blanking and/or cascading with just one light beam device. As the single beams can be shown in the software PSENopt Configurator, it is much easier to align and monitor the light beam devices and reaction times can be reduced to a minimum through rapid diagnostics.

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