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Pushbutton unit PITgatebox

Simple operation of your safety gate system

Pushbutton unit PITgatebox

The pushbutton unit PITgatebox enables you to control safety gate switches and systems easily and flexibly. It also allows you to control commands that activate, stop or acknowledge your machine or system.

Thanks to the slimline design, the robust control unit can be installed quickly and easily on standard profile systems. The preconfigured versions with various combinations of pushbuttons, key switches and E-STOP pushbuttons give you maximum flexibility for your individual application. The PITgatebox gives you a modular safety gate solution tailored to your particular needs, especially when combined with the secure safety gate systems PSENmlock and PSENslock.

The advantages of the pushbutton unit PITgatebox at a glance

  • Simple operating function meets premium quality and design
  • Robust metal IP65 housing with high resistance to shock, vibration and collision
  • Slimline housing for space-saving installation on standard 40 mm profile systems
  • Fast, simple installation, no wiring, thanks to M12 12-pin connection and rotatable end caps
  • Cost savings due to reduced wiring work
  • Flexible installation thanks to integrated, rotatable mounting bracket
  • Easy to exchange the control elements thanks to appropriate spare parts

Use and applications of the pushbutton unit

  • The pushbutton unit can be used to control machines (e.g. presses) and plants
  • Versatile combinations with safety gate systems such as PSENmlock or PSENslock, e.g. on sliding and swing doors
  • Fulfil other commands in mechanical engineering such as activating, stop or reset plant

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