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Pushbutton unit PITgatebox

Simple operation of your safety gate system

Pushbutton unit PITgatebox

With the pushbutton unit PITgatebox you can easily and flexibly control safety gate switches and systems. And there's another added safety factor thanks to the integration of PITreader – user authentication. This enables user permissions to be checked via RFID key before the gates are operated. That way it’s possible to ensure that the right group of people has access to the plant, based on qualifications and the tasks of the relevant personnel.

Commands such as activate, stop or reset machine can be controlled based on successful authentication. As a result your machine has optimum protection against misuse or even manipulation. The robust control unit can be installed quickly and easily on standard profile systems thanks to the slimline design.


Pushbutton unit PITgatebox: new types for greater flexibility

Pushbutton unit PITgatebox

Numerous new types of the pushbutton unit PITgatebox are available, enabling an even more flexible approach for your individual safety gate solution. Discover the various combinations of pushbuttons, switches and E-STOP pushbuttons.

You’ll find the new types here 

The benefits of the pushbutton unit PITgatebox at a glance

  • Simple operating function meets premium quality and design
  • PITreader with RFID key for activating the PITgatebox
  • High-quality die cast zinc IP65 housing is highly robust to shock, vibration and collision
  • Slimline housing for space-saving installation on standard aluminium profile systems
  • Flexible installation thanks to integrated, rotatable mounting bracket
  • Fast, simple installation, no wiring, thanks to M12 12-pin connection

Use and applications of the pushbutton unit

  • Pushbutton unit used to control plant and machinery (e.g. presses)
  • Versatile for use with safety gate systems such as PSENmlock or PSENslock, e.g. on sliding gates and swing gates
  • Compliance with mechanical engineering commands such as activate, stop or reset the plant

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