Safety gate

A safety gate is a movable guard that provides protection from hazards emanating from running machinery.

A safety gate is a movable guard. Safeguards are necessary to provide operators with as much protection as possible from hazards that may arise as the machine is running. Fences and barriers are also safeguards, but they make it difficult to physically access the machine. If access to the machine must be guaranteed in certain situations, a safety gate is selected, which will use safety technology to exclude potential hazards.

The safety gate is equipped with a safety switch, for example, which will prevent a hazardous machine function from being executed once the safety gates are open. What's more, thanks to the safety switch, the safety gate will stay closed for as long as the operator is at risk from the hazardous movement. Safety switches for safety gate monitoring meet the requirements of EN 1088 and can use a variety of operating principles such as mechanical, magnetic, RFID and with/without guard locking.

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