Protective devices

Protective devices

Protective devices do not prevent access or entry into the machine's danger zone, but safely shut down the hazardous movements when the protective device is activated. Such protective devices include, for example, light beam devices, light grids, scanners, pressure sensitive mats or two-hand control devices.

Protection against unexpected start-up/restart of a machine

Two-hand control devices prevent injuries to hands or other body parts. The machine function/control command can only be triggered by using both hands, which are in a safe position during this operation.


Standards for protective devices

Standard Title
EN 61496-1: 2010

Safety of machinery
Electrosensitive protective equipment - Part 1:
General requirements and tests

IEC 61496-2: 2013
CLC/TS 61496-2: 2006

Safety of machinery
Electrosensitive protective equipment - Part 2:
Particular requirements for equipment using active optoelectronic protective devices (AOPDs)

CLC/TS 61496-3: 2008

Safety of machinery
Electrosensitive protective equipment - Part 3:
Particular requirements for active optoelectronic protective devices responsive to diffuse reflection (AOPDDR)

EN ISO 13855: 2010

Safety of machinery
Approach speed of parts of the body for the positioning of safety devices

EN 574: 2008

Safety of machinery
Two-hand control devices - Functional aspects
Principles for design

ISO 13856 -1/-2/-3

Safety of machinery
Pressure sensitive protective devices - Part 3:
General principles for the design and testing of pressure sensitive bumpers, plates, wires and similar devices


Do you require further information? Please read chapter 4.3! The english Safety Compendium offers knowledge around machine safety.

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