Configurable safety systems PNOZmulti – Base units

Base units to meet your requirements

Configurable safety systems PNOZmulti – Base units

The configurable safety systems PNOZmulti are mainly used to implement more than four safety functions. All base units have 20 inputs, 4 safe semiconductor outputs and 2 relay outputs. Various base units are available:

  • stand-alone
  • for monitoring safety functions and automation functions
  • for an extended temperature range
  • specifically for press applications
  • for monitoring furnaces

The safety systems are therefore flexible to use for a wide range of applications. All base units for the configurable safety systems PNOZmulti meet up to PL e (EN ISO 13849-1) and SIL CL 3 (IEC 62061), depending on application.

Benefits to you

  • The right base unit for every application
  • Ideal for series users – Create configuration once, use it any number of times
  • Rapid changes because configuration easy to adapt in software tool
  • Short downtimes thanks to easy diagnostics
  • Economical to expand – Just choose suitable modules
Benefits to you

Base units – Features

Base units – Features
  • Configurable using PNOZmulti Configurator via RS-232 or Ethernet interface
  • Removable storage medium chip card for storage of configuration
  • Diagnostic interface
  • Inputs: 20 freely configurable inputs, 4 test pulse outputs, 1 auxiliary output
  • 4 safety outputs using semiconductor technology
  • Relay outputs with 2 safety contacts
  • PNOZ m0p: fieldbus and link modules can be connected, no further expansion modules can be connected
  • PNOZ m1p, PNOZ m 2p, PNOZ m3p: max. 8 expansion modules can be connected
  • PNOZ m1p, PNOZ m1p ETH coated version: sturdy version for rugged industrial environments
  • PNOZ m2p: specifically for press applications
  • PNOZ m3p: specifically for burner management

The basis for each application – many functions – one solution!

Base unit PNOZ m0p – The compact solution

The base unit PNOZ m0p cuts your costs by offering simple diagnostics, for example via fieldbus modules for connection to common fieldbus systems. It is especially suitable for use in small machines. Simply link the PNOZ m0p to other base units or decentralised peripherals via link modules. The base unit PNOZ m0p is available with serial or Ethernet interface.

Base unit PNOZ m0p – The compact solution

Base unit PNOZ m1p – The all-rounder

Use PNOZmulti for monitoring safety functions on small to medium-size machines. They are also powerful enough to assume complete machine control on smaller machines. You can expand PNOZ m1p with all available modules. Depending on the type and number of expansion modules, there are almost no limits for the application of the PNOZmulti.

Base unit PNOZ m1p – The all-rounder

Base unit PNOZ m1p – coated version

The base units PNOZ m1p in the “coated version” are tough characters. They are specially designed for use in a rugged everyday industrial environment, because the units' PCB boards are varnished and therefore protected from environmental influences. Their benefits include: an expanded temperature range, tolerance of condensation and resistance to corrosive gas. We can also supply you with a wide range of expansion modules for the expanded temperature range. These are identified with the description "coated version".

Base unit PNOZ m2p – Specifically for use with presses

Use the PNOZ m2p for controlling and monitoring small and medium-size eccentric and hydraulic presses. Approved software blocks are available for operating modes such as set-up mode, single-stroke, automatic and monitoring safety light curtains in single-break or double-break mode; these blocks make the system simple and economical to use. In conjunction with the dual-pole semiconductor output module PNOZ m3p, the PNOZ m2p can control press safety valves safely and economically.


Base unit PNOZ m2p – Specifically for use with presses

Base unit PNOZ m3p – Controls and monitors furnaces

You can use PNOZ m3p for safe burner management and monitoring, e.g. safety chains. Safety-relevant criteria for preventing a deflagration resulting in serious damage are: The safe ignition of the fuel and monitoring of burning during operation. With the configurable safety system PNOZ m3p you have a safety-related solution to hand that fulfils these requirements!

Base unit PNOZ m3p – Controls and monitors furnaces

Our product range: PNOZmulti – Base units

PNOZmulti Toolkit

The PNOZmulti Toolkit contains the accessories needed to get started with the configurable safety system PNOZmulti.


Here you will find a wide range of accessory items for the safety system PNOZmulti: from sets of screw terminals to spring-loaded terminals.

Base units PNOZmulti

Various base units are available, enabling implementation of the widest range of applications.
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