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Pilz will be showing world firsts at SPS IPC Drives 2017 - Automation: Safety for every dimension

At SPS IPC Drives 2017 in Nuremberg (28.-30.11.) Pilz will be showing how human and machine can work together more closely and therefore more productively and ergonomically thanks to dynamic safety solutions. Among the world firsts are the controller PSS67 PLC, the first safe PLC controller with IP67 protection and the pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat with position detection.

PSS67 PLC: Automation outside the control cabinet
In the field of control technology, at SPS IPC Drives Pilz will be exhibiting PSS67 PLC, the first safe PLC controller with IP67 protection. Mechanically this controller is especially robust due to its fully encapsulated module electronics. It can be installed directly on the machine and does not require much space. This reduces the wiring work considerably in comparison with cabinet-based systems and increases flexibility when implementing modular plant architectures.

Pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat with position detection
At this year's SPS IPC Drives Pilz will be presenting its new pressure-sensitive safety mat PSENmat. Integrated position detection, enabling new machine operating concepts, is a world first. Through defined, marked mat areas, for example, the operator can take advantage of the integrated switch functionality and work hands-free. PSENmat combines safe area monitoring with plant and machine operation in one sensor. The pressure-sensitive sensors of PSENmat are particularly suitable for rugged environmental conditions in terms of light conditions, contamination, shading.

Safety laser scanners PSENscan for 2D safety
Safety laser scanners PSENscan enable two-dimensional area monitoring. They secure access not only to the danger zone but also to the space behind it. As a result, an unintended restart can be prevented while there is anyone inside the danger zone. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can enjoy all-round protection with just two safety laser scanners. The 2D laser scanners detect objects in the vehicle's path and so ensure that braking occurs in good time.

Safe 3D camera system SafetyEye: New generation
With the safe 3D camera system SafetyEye, human and robot workspaces can be monitored visually – without making access to the application difficult. The camera system is installed above the application, so it has a complete overview of the application at all times. At the exhibition Pilz will be presenting the latest generation, which now has a live video server. As a result, warning and detection zones can also be displayed "remotely".

Dynamic safety for greater productivity and ergonomics
Visitors to the Pilz exhibition stand will discover, for example, how human and robot can work together even without a safety fence thanks to dynamic safety solutions: within a human-robot collaboration, the position of the human is safely detected via external Pilz 2D and 3D sensor technology, which is not integrated within the robot. Various technologies or combinations thereof ensure safety, depending on the application.
"In order to combine safety, productivity and ergonomics on machinery, it is no longer possible for safety to act only selectively. With a complete range of sensors, which are able to monitor areas as well as zones, Pilz is opening up new possibilities for dynamic safety concepts. This means that human and machine can safely share a workspace", says Renate Pilz, Chair of the Board, explaining the company's focus at the exhibition.

Industrie 4.0 you can touch
Intelligent networking of autonomous plant modules is a prerequisite for flexible, smart production. With the Pilz smart factory, at the exhibition the company will be showing how individualised products can be manufactured under mass production conditions, in a way that's fast, flexible and cost-efficient. All the components come from Pilz, from the sensor and drive through to the controller. The automation system PSS 4000 performs the control tasks in the Pilz smart factory: it can be used to program control functions for the whole plant centrally in one tool – these are then distributed to the various PLC controllers with ease. This saves time and avoids errors.

Pilz is exhibiting in Hall 9, Stand 370. Further information at: https://www.pilz.com/de-DE/sps-ipc-drives

With its smart factory model, at SPS IPC Drives 2017 Pilz will be exhibiting not only product innovations but also Industrie 4.0 you can touch.
With its smart factory model, at SPS IPC Drives 2017 Pilz will be exhibiting not only product innovations but also Industrie 4.0 you can touch.

With its smart factory model, at SPS IPC Drives 2017 Pilz will be exhibiting not only product innovations but also Industrie 4.0 you can touch.

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