2 June 2021

New Pilz E-Shop – reach your goal in just a few clicks

There’s a new look and feel to the Pilz E-Shop. Users will find information gathering and ordering even more intuitive thanks to the new design.

An overview of the key new features:

  • Information and documentation on Pilz solutions presented more clearly
  • Operability and user experience enhanced by the integration of new filter functions
  • Easy to retrieve invoices and quotations from previous orders
  • Enhanced search function and auto-complete, which offers users appropriate keywords
  • Reminder lists transformed into user-related shopping baskets
  • Now possible to shop on mobile end devices
  • Availability of the product catalogue is guaranteed during maintenance work

Best see our new Pilz E-Shop for yourself!

To the Pilz E-Shop

New Pilz E-Shop
Head office

Pilz Australia Safe Automation
Unit 1, 12-14 Miles Street
Mulgrave, Melbourne, Victoria 3170

Telephone: +61 3 9560 0621 / 1300 723 334
E-Mail: safety@pilz.com.au

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