7 July 2016

Visualise your automation projects with PASvisu!

New release of the web-based visualisation software PASvisu provides extensive adaptation options for languages.

Now you can configure and visualise your automation projects in any language using the web-based visualisation software PASvisu.

PASvisu now speaks every language – That's new in Version 1.1

  • Language switching in the Editor of the PASvisu Builder and in runtime: all of the system's basic texts are already available in English and German. These can be translated into any language, together with your own texts.
  • Exporting a language file: once translated, it can simply be re-imported. The new language is available immediately.
  • Keyboard in all the world's languages: the keyboard is pre-installed in the software and can be used directly.

Other new features

Additional pre-defined GUI elements (tiles):

  • Administration – for amending passwords and changing the system time
  • Number button – for entering a numeric value in a variable
  • Language switching – for user-friendly switching between project languages

Two new system variables:

  • ActivePage: This variable provides the control system with information about the page that is active in visualisation.
  • SetPage: This variable controls the ability to call up a default page automatically via the control system. As a result, the corresponding message can be displayed in the visualisation automatically in the event of an error, for example.

PASvisu is perfectly compatible with the automation system PSS 4000 from Pilz. The control software PAS4000 – as part of the automation system – is ideal for linking to the visualisation software PASvisu. This creates a perfect symbiosis of control system and visualisation – for all the phases of the machine's lifecycle.

Download PASvisu Version 1.1 free of charge and you can set up your automation project immediately. You only pay for the software functions you actually use during active operation.

Further information:

All information and free download of the software

You can now visualise your automation projects in any language with PASvisu
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