1 Jan 1970

PSSuniversal - the ideal I/O platform for field I/O

PSSuniversal is the modular I/O platform for standard and safe feldbus networks.

PSSuniversal can be used with the safe fieldbus SafetyBUS p, as well as standard fieldbus networks PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen and InterBus, and also the industrial ethernet network PROFINET (including PROFIsafe). The standard fieldbus interfaces can be combined with a SafetyBUS p interface for simple integration between standard and safe networks.

The system is configured using the innovative PSSuniversal Assistant. The tool provides technical details of all the available modules for your system of choice, and warns when you reach the system limits (power supply or I/O), gives dimensions of the system for the cabinet builder, and also generates the custom GSD, EDS and DCF files for importing into your network configuration tool.

In addition to the PSSuniversal Assistant, the PSSuniversal Startup Tool is available. The Startup tool allows the user to test all the I/O – monitor inputs and force outputs – even failsafe outputs for individual PSSuniversal platforms via the USB interface (or PROFINET interface).

That way, all the I/O connections can be tested off-site before the system is connected into the plant network.

Selected interface modules (head modules) and I/O modules are available in an extended temperature range for harsh environmental conditions - -40 degrees C to +70 degrees C.

PSSuniversal standard I/O can be used in conjunction with InduraNET p, the wireless platform developed by Pilz for Industrial environments.

The PSSuniversal Assistant can be downloaded from here: PSSuniversal Assistant V1.7.0

For more information on PSSuniversal please click here, or contact us here.

More information on the industrial wireless platform InduraNET p can be found here.

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