1 Jan 1970

Pilz - The Spirit of Safety - A brief history - PART 3

In the last two editions of the Pilz Australia safety update we have been taking a look at the history of Pilz. The first issue covered the birth of the company in 1948 up until the 1970's, while the second article covered the mid 1970's to the mid 90's. In this last article, we cover the mid 1990's up unitl today, and also look a little into the future of Pilz.

From the mid 90’s Pilz continued to innovate within the automation safety field. 1999 saw the release of the very first safe open fieldbus system SafetyBUS p. SafetyBUS p became the industry standard for safe fieldbus systems, and today there are hundreds of thousands of field I/O devices on SafetyBUS p connected in plants around the world.

1999 was an extra special year in that the Australian subsidiary of Pilz was started in Melbourne, servicing the Australasian market.

2001 saw the introduction of the world’s first electronic safety relay - the PNOZ elog (electronic logic). The units could be logically connected with AND/OR connections, simplifying the wiring for hard wired circuits.

In 2002, Pilz lead the market again with the release of PNOZmulti, the world’s first configurable safety relay. "Child’s play to operate" was the slogan used in the market introduction phase. Users indeed found it child’s play, with the simple graphical editor making it easy to setup a safety control system and also maintain it.

Also in 2002, Pilz introduced the PSEN range of non-contact safety sensors to the product range, with the PSENmag the first in an innovative range of switches that now includes PSENcode, PSENslock and PSENopt devices.

Never wavering in the quest to provide innovative products, in 2006 Pilz released SafetyEYE, the world’s first safe camera system, allowing monitoring in 3D (using image processing) for a hazardous machine or area. SafetyEYE was the culmination of over 10 years of research and development, one of the biggest projects ever undertaken by Pilz.

In 2006 Pilz acquired the motion control division of Mayr, which has lead to the release of the PMC range of motion controllers, including Safe Motion with the PMC Protego DS in 2008.

Total employees worldwide at the end of 2008 are now at 1370 with 25 subsidiaries around the globe. The company still remains family owned, which allows the research into new and innovative products to continue - around 40 % of employees are currently involved in research and development projects.

The company is still headed by Renate Pilz, as well as her two children Thomas Pilz and Suzanne Kunschert.

This takes us to 2009, a massive year for Pilz. In October, Pilz will release the PSS4000 into the market. PSS4000 is the next generation of automation system that will revolutionise the way automation projects are handled. PSS4000 covers control, safety, motion, visualisation and diagnostics and connects all of these parts via the new Ethernet solution SafetyNET p. The PSS4000 combines all the knowledge learnt over the past 61 years to make it easy to setup an automation project.

PSS4000 - Simplify Your Automation.

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