25 June 2014

Safety gate monitoring is becoming more flexible

Safety gate system PSENsgate – new system types with selectable control elements for greater flexibility.

The safety gate system PSENsgate can be used for secure safety gate monitoring with safe guard locking. As a result it is possible to achieve personal and plant protection up to the highest category PL e. Benefit from high flexibility: A wide range of new system types are available to select, with optional control elements that can be integrated, such as pushbuttons, key switches, illuminated pushbuttons, area stop or functions such as emergency stop or escape release.

Reduce costs with a turnkey system

With a turnkey system, all the safety functions and control elements are already integrated. That saves you time and costs when it comes to project configuration, design and installation. Due to its robust design and mechanical load capacity, the safety gate system PSENsgate guarantees a long product service life.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced installation and wiring effort thanks to a turnkey system with integrated control elements and optional E-STOP
  • Maximum safety with just one switch per safety gate: for personal and plant protection up to PLe
  • Greater flexibility thanks to selectable control elements, such as key switches, section stop or emergency stop and connection options for enabling switches

Further information:

Safety gate system PSENsgate 

There a wide range of new system types available for the safety gate system PSENsgate.
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