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On the safe side with SecurityBridge!

SecurityBridge protects Pilz control systems from manipulation

With SecurityBridge we offer a product for the area of Industrial Security. The SecurityBridge protects the control system PNOZmulti 2 and the automation system PSS 4000 from manipulation due to unauthorised access. That way you don't even give espionage and manipulation a chance, but guarantee the safety of your staff and the availability of your machine!

This is how to use SecurityBridge

SecurityBridge can be placed upstream of the base unit of the PNOZmulti 2 or PLC controller PSSuniversal PLC. It acts as a VPN server, via which a virtual private network (VPN) with one or more client PCs (configuration PC) can be established. The connection between PC and device is thus protected. Only suitably authorised users can make changes to a project’s configuration. This prevents unauthorised access to the protected network. The result is that the data transfer between the client PC and SecurityBridge is protected against tapping and manipulation.

The SecurityBridge also controls the process data traffic, and it monitors the integrity of the safety system. Changes in the check sum indicate that there are changes in the projects of PNOZmulti 2 and PSS 4000.


Benefits at a glance:

Benefits of SecurityBridge
  • Protection against manipulation of data through authentication and authorisation management
  • Increases plant availability because only required data (authorised configuration and process data) is transferred
  • Forwarding of low-latency process data
  • Reveals unauthorised changes to the project by monitoring the check sum (CRC)
  • Prevents unauthorised access because downstream devices are in a protected network
  • Only suitably authorised users can make changes to a project’s configuration

Technical features:

  • Web-based user interface for easy configuration, diagnostics and maintenance
  • Connection with the central authentication system via RADIUS
  • Continuous updates independent of the control system
  • Integrated digital inputs and outputs e.g. to activate the VPN tunnel
  • VPN server to establish a VPN tunnel for safe data transfer
  • USB interface for protecting and re-establishing the configuration on USB memory.
  • LED display for error messages and diagnostics


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