The automation system PSS 4000
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The automation system PSS 4000 stands for optimum interaction between hardware and software components, network devices and the real-time Ethernet. The system is characterised by the most varied functions and potential combinations, distinguishing it from classic automation. It has already been tried and tested in numerous applications in different industries. 

A new approach to automation systems!

Part of PSS 4000: The automation system PSS 4000 is characterised by a wide variety of potential combinations.

Due to the consistent distribution of control functions, projects with the automation system PSS 4000 can be implemented more easily and with greater flexibility than on previous systems. This is true for both stand-alone machines and interlinked plants.

  • Classic automation: One centralised control system monitors the plant/machine. All signals are processed via this control system; all sensors and actuators are connected to this control system. Thanks to decentralised I/O modules, some I/O functions can be transferred to the periphery, resulting in shorter paths for the sensor wiring, for example. Signals are not generally processed locally.
  • Consistent distribution of control functions: on the automation system the control functions are completely distributed and transferred to the periphery. Control data, failsafe data and states are exchanged and synchronised via the real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p. For the control function, therefore, it makes no difference where the respective program section is processed. Instead of a centralised control system, with our automation system you have a modular user program within a centralised project. This enables simple, standardised handling across the whole project.

Performance range, automation system PSS 4000

Hardware for the automation system PSS 4000

Solutions for standard and safety tasks: Control systems, I/O systems and network components.

Software for the automation system PSS 4000

The software platform PAS4000 comprises several editors for PLC programming and configuration, as well as software blocks.

Functions in the automation system PSS 4000

A wide range of functions are available in the automation system to implement the most diverse range of applications.

Applications of the automation system PSS 4000

Examples of applications which have already been implemented using the automation system can be found here. 

Automation system PSS 4000 – Simplify your Automation™

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