Pilz E-Shop integrated into the Pilz portal

Pilz E-Shop
The Pilz e-Shop has now been incorporated into the Pilz portal. From the 20 July Pilz will have one central website.

We're ready - the Pilz e-Shop has been incorporated into the Pilz portal. From the 20 July Pilz will have one central website, which in future you can use for information and to shop in the product area.

One-off registration for the shop
You only need to register once to have access to our modern shop functions. If you have previously used the download area you will still need to re-register due to the system conversion.If you had already registered for our E-Shop, you will be able to log in directly and enjoy the benefits.  

Exclusive product information and supplementary tools to download
As a registered user you have access to detailed product information such as configuration and commissioning documents. These can simply be downloaded from the download area. Once you’ve logged in you'll have access to software tools, macros and drivers in the download area.

Register now and enjoy the benefits of our modern E-Shop.


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