Machine safety in the automotive industry

Sep 22, 2011

Machine safety is a key issue in the automotive industry.

As experts in safety services we can help you guarantee safe car production.

Cost-effective production, efficiency and safety – these are the challenges facing automated car production. Individual production steps place different demands on machine safety. Pilz can help you integrate these in such a way that high availability and plant efficiency are guaranteed.

Challenge of machine safety in the automotive industry
As well as having to comply with applicable national and international directives for machine safety, the automotive industry also faces specific challenges, such as environmental conditions and machining centres, consisting of the most varied machine types. High machine availability must be guaranteed.

Pilz supports you in the correct implementation of machine safety!
As a safety service provider, Pilz is there to help you implement machine safety correctly in practice and in line with the standards, increasing your productivity. With risk assessments, safety concepts and validations from Pilz, you can be sure that your robot cells, presses and transport systems are applied safely. The aim of our interdisciplinary teams is to develop the best possible concept for your requirements, using tailor-made industry solutions.

We are familiar with the challenges your industry faces. Just contact us to find out more about machine safety in the automotive industry.